Just grabbed a copy of Leopard from London Drugs while I was in PG today. Their guy was showing it off and I couldn’t resist. Looks leaps and bounds beyond Vista once again.
Anyone else using it yet? I can’t install it for a couple days without risking a night on the couch… heh heh…

YUp did and liked it, i hope the continue the development for the wireless back up tho, it was removed just before release, but now they are working on a update to bring it back and have it work.

I just bought a Lacie Lego Brick 250gig hdd and a brand new AirPort Extreme Base Station with Gigabit Ethernet ports for 170$ at work, its nice to have network storage i love it.

Now to get the G4 server up and running for the tv tuner and recording and other things and im set.

Been running for a while now, it’s pretty awesome.  The “Time Machine” function alone is worth it for the average user.  It’s a no-brainer unattended backup of your computer… hourly.  Very cool.

However not good for laptops, How many laptop owners do you know that have a hard drive connected to it all the time, this feature is good for desktops, but not laptops.

huh?  I’m using it quite a bit.  I think I started using external hard drives on laptops long before desktops.

So once in a while, just connect your drive, it will make a backup for you automatically.  Sure, you’re not going to whip out the external drive on the bus or the plane, but I know a lot of laptop owners that buy external drives.

True, however you wont have a constant backup then, sure it is good to connect a hard drive to the laptop every few days but its a pain if your moving around alot. Using a Macbook pro at a desktop as my main machine with a external monitor this will not be a problem, however for those that use it at home or out and about every day this does cause a problem.

The way the apple movie shows how this backup works properly is if a drive is connected all the time and is a dedicated drive for this.

Personally i use the network drive to copy my files to, but ill probably grab a maxtor 160-200 gig drive to use just for time machine.

Using it on a MacBook and I must say the features I like best are quicklook and spaces…

The quicklook function is insanely fast.  I am so freaked out by how fast it is.

You highlight a Microsoft Word file, for example, hit the spacebar, and immediately it’s on your screen, previewed.  I mean immediately, no delay.  Then you click on another document (say, a PDF or a video or something), and IT shows up immediately.  Totally unexpected that it would be this fast.

Spaces is awesome on a laptop with a small screen.

For those using Leopard i.e OS X.5 the latest edition of Macworld has some excellent tips. See link…macworld.com/weblogs/mwvodca … /index.php

Here’s one from the Macbreak podcast:

When you’re in the F8 view in spaces … press the “C” key to collect all your windows in one space.

Any one try running bootcamp on it yet.

Am running bootcamp. Runs great (Windows XP)

I’m using bootcamp too, and the neat thing is that you can either boot up in Windows, or just run Windows from inside Leopard (by using VMware Fusion).  Fusion will actually use your Bootcamp partition too. 

I’m using it too, i installed windows xp pro, to run my Heli Simulator. It runs extremely fast, its kinda funny i found a artical by some tech site. They were stating that Windows xp and vista runs better on the Macbook Pro, than any other retailed machine. There were some nice stats. I do agree, it runs fast.

I looked at the requirements and my old eMac isn’t fast enough to run it.  I might buy it for my iBook.  I checked the video on the apple website and all those features look pretty neat.  Micromou (French for soft :wink:) should just give up because it will be 10 years before they make something like that.

well they have widgets now LMAO!!

How fast is your eMac?  How much RAM?

I installed it on a 700mhz G4 Powerbook with 1GB of RAM, and it runs just fine.

700 MHz G4, 1 GB Ram!!!  The system requirements on the Apple website says you need at least 867 MHz.  I’m not “leet” enough to overclock it!
Maybe I’ll buy and install it then. 

You should contact the Russians, i know i would not be hapy if i bought something and it didn’t work, its like trying before you buy :smile:

Well, here’s what you do:

Get a Leopard DVD, make an iso or dmg image from it.  Eject the Leopard DVD and mount the image.

Edit the part of the install script that checks for processor type and speed and RAM.  Save the script back to the image.  Unmount the image and burn it to DVD :wink:  Now you have a Leopard DVD that will install on a system below 867 Mhz :wink: