Legion Casino?

Has anyone else heard the rumour that the Legion has been sold to a First Nations group and is going to be turned into a casino? I’m trying to get confirmation of that, I was just wondering if anyone else was privy to that info.

what i have heard is that, the owners of rupert square want to turn the entire bottom floor into a casino. That is why Bently is closing, No. 1 is closing the new cafe were happy orange was is closing, shuter shack is supposed to be moving to the old swimming pool and radio shack is supposed to be moving somewhere on third, etc…

Those places are closing or moving because the Rupert Square raised their leases so high, that independant or small chain stores can’t afford to stay there.

That’s the first mention I’ve heard of No.1 closing, there hasn’t been any mention of that at the mall merchants’ meetings, and the “Last Drop Cafe” is probably closing because the people that run it are extremely rude and racist, so hardly anyone ever eats there, except the security guards. People have also got moldy food and food poisoning from there. mmmmmmm yum. Oh yeah and the lady set the fire alarm off twice because she was trying to cook things in a kitchen with improper ventilation. There was a reason why hot dogs and fries were the only things Happy Orange cooked, but she can’t seem to figure that out.

I think the whole casino thing is bullshit, as that’s waaaaaaaay too much square footage for a casino, and the mall is a wreck anyways. It’s only a matter of time before the whole building shifts down the bank and ends up over the tracks. It’s a known fact that the mall has shifted so much in the last few years that the foundation is crap, and the whole building shakes when even the smallest gust of wind hits it.

Where’s “The Old Swimming Pool”?

where The New Farwest is!

or, the old Stingray Fishing Supply building, across from… the old College.

Yeah ive heard the rumour about the Casino there… I dont think its a sure thing thou, rumour yes… But people should start heading to the legion, pretty sad when they give so much away but yet they cant afford to stay in buisness

Prince rumors. Pretty sure the crest hotel is negotiating for the legion property for expansion of the hotel. They have been interested and trying for years now, finally the timing is better for both. But not certain and anything is possible. The Legion is getting more desperate and few people or organizations have the funds for something like that so money talks right.

I work at the Crest, and the fact that the Hotel was negotiating for that property is true, but WAS is the key word. The plan was for a possible conference centre expansion, but for some reason or another, that fell through. I work there, but I still hear things second and third hand.

I think the Crest should expand big enough for our Provincial banquet next April. Then we can show those richies from elsewhere in BC that Rupert does have it’s finer features.

The plan is to eventually construct an entirely new banquet hall at the Crest (in between the old college and the Hotel). But it won’t be ready in time for April obviously so we’ll have to settle for something else.