Legalization of Marijuana

An interesting trip down the HTMF memory hole:

Previous threads on marijuana and legalization:

And here’s a clip from CBC’s Daybreak North from earlier this week, with an interview of a couple of familiar local legalization advocates.

How times have changed. Just ask Brian Mulroney LOL!
Just voted for every new candidate running and not a single incumbent after the bastards tried to secretly put an outright ban on sales and growth here.

Last week may have solidified another term for Justin. ( who I’ll call ‘The kid’ from here on, come to think of it, that’s what I also call the Rupert mayor so…) A few more notches is all that’s needed.
Like it or not.

I don’t understand how the Conservatives can say they’ll reverse the legalization. Sure, they’re playing to their base, but their base doesn’t win elections. The undecideds in the middle win elections.