Lee Brain's address to the Enbridge Panel

Lee Brain’s address to the Enbridge Joint Review Panel hearing, February 18, 2012:

Text version here

Wow… O_O

Thanks Mig. for posting that ,it was or is a fine presentation and I hope many more take the time to listen . My mind is made up , just another number yes but please make it grow.

Great speech…its a shame the panel tried to muzzle him as well!

It is quite clear that he is being influenced by foreign environmental extremists!

Wonderful!! :smile:

A great presentation by an awesome and very courageous young man. These public hearings are an absolute farce, they are not interested in hearing anything that anyone has to say in opposition to this plan as Enbridge and our federal politicians who are so obviously in bed with them clearly already have decided and planned out exactly how this is all going to play out.
They are fucking with our environment and our childrens and grandchildrens future, we need to band together and show them we are not going to simply roll over and allow this to happen. If they are not going to play by the rules then I say neither should we.