Learn how to drive! PLEASE!

It’s snowy.  It’s slippery.  This means that you cannot get going from a dead stop as if the streets were clear.  This also means that you cannot come racing up to a stop sign, hit the brakes and expect to come to a nice clean stop right at the line.

STOP cutting people off when YOU think you have more than enough time to go, but alas, your tires are slipping because you have summer tires on.

STOP slamming on the brakes and sliding all over hell and gone when you figure you can come to a nice neat stop in less than six inches.

STOP gunning the gas when your tires lose traction and then look all flabbergasted when you jolt forward and can’t control your vehicle.

Seriously - just SLOW THE HELL down and leave more room between yourself and the moron in front of you.  It’s called snow - it’s wet, it’s slippery, and unpredictable as all hell - I know you Rupertites have seen it before - now how about you start driving like it?

And please oh please if you drive a land yacht with rear wheel drive and obviously have no clue how to manoeuvre your yacht in the snow, STAY HOME.

(just a rant, don’t string me up by my toenails please)

This should be put on the front of the newspaper :smile: Well written and well put.! I AGREE!!

AND just becuase yuo have 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive DOES NOT MAKE YOU invisible, and a better driver, it at times makes it worse.

I love how people think they can drive faster and DUMBER with a 4x4.


We’ve left our cars at home the past two days.

While I like to think that I’m a good driver, I’m not great in the snow.

My cars all have cheapo summer tires on them.

So I agree completely, slow down, and give yourself more time to get from A to B.

And if it looks dicy, it probably is. Prince Rupert is small enough to get around that the most expensive cab ride will be about $10. And that’s a lot cheaper than a repair bill or an insurance deductible.

And your insurance rates could go up like this!!

Driving a 4X4 DOES make you invincible! 

Seriously, a lot of people here don’t know how to drive in the snow apparently.  I’ve seen a lot of turned over vehicles and vehicles in the ditch. It’s wicked. 

Don’t hit or get hit by TR’s truck. It will dominate your Saturn and it’s “dent resistant panels”.

It will customize your mid-size into a compact!

I thought Vancouver drivers are a lot worst than Rupert drivers, but then I realized it’s pretty much the opposite.

I guess we Rupert people really SUCK at driving… lol

yeah i have been a victim of your winter driving with crappy summer tires on. i was in jutts car a couple years ago, funny thing is i didnt even see you comin i just heard everyone in the car flippin out then smash followed by laughter after everyone got out and was ok.

I finally saw your truck last night.  Awesome and scary.

Vancouver drivers are just impatient and drive way too fast.  Rupert drivers are just plain bad.  Not all mind you, but a lot are.  I’ve always thought that there should be road tests every ten years.  Bad habits are hard to break.  It would be interesting to see who would have their licenses after the tests.

Pffffft there are no sidewalks when it’s snowy!!  Everyone walks on the road!!

i think in some places in Europe they have driving tests every 5 years.

how bout every three?
weed out the shitty drivers…

Thanks Mig!  This deserves an emoticon :smiley:

Learn how to drive?  Alot of people put things off till the last miniute or maybe, go to PG or Van in the summertime, think that they still have the Van Driving still in their blood, Please What is the HURRY?

  Alot of people are driving like it is a life and death emergency, I was cut off and passed doing  45 on 2nd ave and the person sped Just to get to Tim Horton’s, WOW

  I do believe, the speed in the downtown core should be dropped to 40, I think 3rd Avenue is, And there is something called Care and Attenion to other vehicles, not to mention Pedestrians!

  A lady got hit crossing 2nd ave when the snow was really coming down hard, big flakes, She must have not been too hurt, she refused help,  When I went by, the drivers door was open, his Music was blaring, Crazy. my guess is that the guy slid into her when he slammed his brake,  The driver’s vehicle was on the inside lane, and the driver was on the sidewalk consoling the lady.

Our town only measures less than 5 kilometers from the port to the seaplane base, you’d think it was ten miles, the way people drive. SLOW DOWN. earn roadstar points.

Yeah some of the speeding  and reckless driving is pointless. Is it really worth risking your life and the lives of others to save a minute on your trip to wherever in this town?