Lax Kw'alaams reverses position; will support Petronas LNG project


that is great news for that is the main obstacle to any federal government approval with that out of the way it should get Federal approval, just don’t tell Grant though

That’s what happens when you need more money …reverse position !!That always happens with almost everybody .

or here is a thought they actually looked at the science and came to the same conclusion as the rest of us

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Some not too happy with that letter.

“We were taken back because in the meeting we had last week their stance was to not have this on Lelu Island, but they wanted to be at the table because they were missing out on money,” she added.

that is only one hereditary chief that is against it

the only thing that would ruin Petronas going ahead is too much delay in approval from the federal government, under the CEAA conditions Petronas has to clear Lelu between the months of Sept and Oct, after that they are free to build on Lelu, so my guess is if the federal government does not approve it by June it is dead or needing CPR.

Don’t tell Grant that though, even the Japanese Ambassador says the timeline is getting close to where it won’t go ahead and he is urging the Federal Government to hurry up to approve it before it is too late.

in other words he wants Petronas to go ahead



I have seen on the Northern View Facebook page all the whining against this article. Talk about infighting, the “He is not a Hereditary Chief”, “They aren’t Hereditary Chiefs”. Its all the my family is more important than your family, very childish. What gets me is the anti Lng can’t get that there are FN’s here that do support Lng.

it’s about time they denounced Wesley, when he talks to the media he made it like all the Chiefs were behind him which is false

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