My laptop croaked on the weekend and I need some recommends on what to replace it with. Unfortunately it’s a work thing so I need Windows…
The outfit i deal with carries Acer, Asus, Fujitsu and Touch notebooks.
Or something else???

Pretty vague question don’t you think? What do you need to do with it, and how much do you want to spend?

How about a Ferrari? :neutral_face:

How about a Dell c400 and get a log in the dell laptop that i just ordered the c400 perfect for mobile external cd rom and floppy of course but meh… there thin and light. and only 600$ canadian from toronto… Or do you want a bran new one ?

Is all you need.

Do da day…Di di dum di di doo.

LX.FR306.002 FERRARI 3400LMI ATHLN 64 3000+, 80GB 512MB 15’TFT,DVD±RW $2,403.00

not in stock…

Yup there nice but they run just as hot as the FERRARI Engine : O ) oh and there battery SUX heh. but on the good side there nice and fast and has a nice spill proof / mother board keyboard you spill something it is a sealed Keyboard.

I love the startup sound of the engine revving.

And they’re red, so they go faster.

I wonder what Ferrari spyware looks like?

A tow truck?

Here you go… Don’t buy a laptop with a Ferrari badge on it :wink:

A buddy of mine from up north just wrote this review about his new laptop. He knows his shit about computers and swears this is the best laptop he’s owned… Check out the review at the link below. … C_ID=12343

Thats not a laptop that is a portable brick. : O )