Laptop sound issues

We purchased a Laptop from the source a few months ago.  Now the sound is all messed up.  We are running windows 7 and when we boot up the pc…it has a shaking sound…like the sound of a speaker with a lose wire.  The laptop has not been dropped or has not been damaged physically.  All drivers are up to date also.
Anyone have this kinda issue b4?  Also, when we play games, the shaking sound gets so bad that the entire game slows right down.

If it’s a couple of months old, it’s under warranty.  Go back to The Source and ask where you can get warranty service.

Yah we tried that Mig…said we had to send it away to HP ourselves.  We were told that if we had problems within 30 days, they would handle that.  :frowning:

Have you called HP?  I sent my Dell back a total of 4 times.

Not yet, but I guess we shall do that.  thanks.

I get that too with my Dell. It didn’t always happen, just randomly started one day.

I find that the more processes I have running at the same time, the worse the sound gets. Which creates a problem when I want to listen to music and surf the web at the same time. LOL

I would try system restore to a date before it started doing that, or go back to factory settings

cal hp right away they may be having some type of issue.  mine when tits up 3 days after extended warranty.