Laptop Cases


I just got a Dell Ispirion 8600 and I was looking at getting a quality carrying case. Ive looked around at ncix, dangeo and tigerdirect and cant really find any cases, any suggestions?


The ones that you usually get with a Dell laptop are usually very good. I probably would’ve just got one of those. However, since you didn’t, you should check out CompuSmart:

If there’s something there that you like, you probably could make a quick trip up to Terrace and pick one up.


i was looking at the dell site and if i got the free carrying case, i wouldnt get the free dvd-rw (what a trade off huh?) just didnt know if there was somewhere in town. thx

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wtf? i didnt see that


Personally, I love the Marware stuff:

I have one of these: