Labour trouble at the PR airport

It would appear that things are at an impasse at the Prince Rupert airport as labour discussions reach a stalemate.

Possible strike plans may be in the works. The possibility of which is described as perhaps posing serious economic consequences for the city. … c3172.html

Found the statement that the workers are “stuck” at Digby for the duration of their work hours of interest, imagine how the passengers feel!

Hope they reach the solution sooner, or otherwise this won’t end well for all of us.

Our story, which I forgot to link on this site, has been updated to include comments from the airport authority saying they have tabled their final offer in the negotiations. … 26204.html

I do hope they resolve this issue. I worked for many years in a correctional center and we did not have the option of leaving on our break either…that is silly, you only have a half hour for lunch…take a walk down the road if you must, take a corner somewhere and read a book. Seems silly to me and if i miss flying to my only childs wedding cause of some stupid island dispute…argggggggggggghhhhhhhhh. And what is it with PR that so often i have luggage left behind in Vancouver and damaged luggage??? Surely we have better things to complain about here in town than a half hour break time. Can i have that job please?

It’s just awful that someone should be inconvenienced by strikers. They should just say Oh please Sir, may I have a raise? Aw shucks, guess I’ll go work at Wendys.

Anybody know what’s happening with this?