L n g

who’s heard what

bling… bling?

Looks like your project is in jeopardy Scrub! http://tinyurl.com/43cwb


oh man


that was a pretty good one bigthumb…you totally had me going.

at first I was thinking a 40 foot kicker over a barbed wire fence corridor would be cool, but then I realized how much of a pain thatd be…

FUNNNNNNY!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Did your heart rate increase? Did your palm get sweaty?

I knew you would like this.
How did the finals go?

I was seeing red!! I ran out of the room to start to complain to someone before I decided to click the link…
I had visions of aerial boardwalks, some sort of catapult system to get over it, myself being the sole objector to ruperts new development… haha

physics punished me, lost my composure. the rest should be cakey.