Kudos to The Fresh Onion

My wife & I had the pleasure of attending a function catered by The Fresh Onion, this was our first exposure to them.
The food was fantastic; tasty, hot, plentiful and on time.
Their staff was extremely attentive and provided excellent service.
Normally this would be the end of a relatively normal positive review.
But my wife is special…So it cannot end here.
She suffers from many food allergies that are anaphylactic in nature. Travelling and eating out- even shopping- is extremely difficult for us.
Most establishments will suggest what may be OK for her or just say they can’t help us…
The Fresh Onion didn’t do this.
They accepted the challenge, took her wellbeing to heart and ensured she had a meal that was safe.
Again, this seems like it should be the end of a positive review, but it isn’t…
The meal and presentation they offered her was Michelin 5 star; we have travelled and ate in fine dining in some of the larger cities of North America and The Fresh Onion has topped them all.
To the staff of The Fresh Onion; Thank You! You have made my Christmas.

I’ve eaten there many times and I echo the kudo’s. The food there is EXCELLENT and the owners/staff are definitely community minded. People should eat there more often and support this business

yup gotta agree, had lunch there very impressed. Will be a return customer

Fresh Onion is awesome, great food and great service, my only complaint is I wish they were open later, but they are more of a lunch place…some other new spots in town too, can’t wait to check out Cargo in the old Daves Oyster Bar spot, they will have a red seal chef cooking and local beers from the wheelhouse, which I have heard is in the midst of brewing their first batch!!! Hooray for BEER…PRINCE RUPERT BEER! Have not been in to eat at Stiles yet, though I am looking forward to that as well.

My wife has high praise for The Fresh Onion.