Knox Mtn. Panorama
Screwing around with Photoshop CS and my camera. I imagine a tripod and manual camera settings would make this a lot easier to put together :wink:

High Res Panorama.jpg

Thats kick ass. did you use stitch in Photo Shop ? Or stich on your camera ?

I didn’t have a tripod, so i used photoshop. Each photo from left to right needed to be shrunk, balanced, rotated and whatnota little more than the one next to it.

Look’s good. I bought a mini tripod for my cam so i can do panoshots too and also close up’s of parts i post pictures of. I also use it for macro mode too the mini pod cost me about $14.99…

HEh, stitch eh… I googled that. Life would have been easier! This one took about a minute with Ulead COOL 360.
High Res Stitch.jpg

Wow, that’s a huge difference in the 2nd picture from the 1st!

I can’t even really see the seams in the 2nd one… High Five!

That’s becuase I didn’t do it :wink: You just tell the program to join some pictures together and it blends and warps each one like layers in Photoshop… cool stuff, I didn’t need to align them or anything.

Dude, the “lite” version of Adobe Photoshop has an auto-panorama thing too. Photoshop Elements, I think it’s called. I’ve played with it a bit. All automagic as well.

Oh, and Photoshop CS2 really rocks!

I wonder what would happen if you did the process to unrelated pictures.

:smiley: I’ll post the result.
Hi Res Random.jpg

That is very cool!