Know whats a good movie?


is the second one coming out soon? cause i cant wait.

It better come out soon.

uhh… … … …
owns dvd and lovers it

“A ridiculous, self-important amalgamation of rehashed macho posturing and slow-motion bloodletting. Do yourself a favor: do not attend a convocation with these Saints.”

Jees, tell us how you really feel.

one of their few innacurate reviews. i attribute it to the lack of reviews (11) where as most movies have way more reviews.

Maybe you should write up ENTERTAINMENT TODAY and tell them to STFU.

Talk about good films, lately I’ve been on a Richard Linklater kick… Tape, Before Sunset, Waking Life… great films. All dialogue.

Currently watching a Godfather marathon in TiVo.

“Just when I thought that I was out – they pull me back in…”

I’m supposed to watch this movie “Envy”, apparently with Jack Black and Ben Stiller. In fact, I have this DVD sitting next to me.

Someone should get me a DVD player for Christmas.

You would like that, wouldn’t you?

Seriously, it’s about time that american directors be a little more daring in putting out films with less action/special effects/formulas. Not that there is anything wrong with that but variety is always good.
Tape was awesome.
I also like Robert Altman’s flicks.

Has anyone checked out, Ichi the Killer, or Shaolin Soccer yet? They’re a couple of great Asian films…

Bought and watched shaun of the dead last night.
f’in hilarious brit movie.

Yeah…Shaun of the Dead is pretty damn grrreat…nice take on the original Dawn of the Dead. Hopefully the sequel won’t suck sphincter!?

I heard Shaun of the Dead was a sweet movie. I have a question, though. I’ve been feeling like seeing a funny movie lately. Like the laugh your ass off kind. Any suggestions, guys?

American History X

Is that the one with the brilliant shower scene?

napoleon frickin dynamite

fresh on dvd

stale on divx

If I’m still sitting at my computer in 30 minutes, I deserve to suffer through a Java update.