Know the area well?

I was walking the dog this morning and noticed some old steps across from Butsy Rapids.  You drive a little further on the highway and there is the white boom gate where some people park to walk Butsy rapids.  If you go around the white boomgate to where the old highway was,  you will see an old set of steps, recently used as there were logs cut to make the steps clear.  We walked up and they seemed to end where the power/telephone lines were.  There was a path down the lines however due to poor footwear we stopped. 

Does anyone know where it goes to,  do the step continue past the poweline clear cut?

Also does anyone know where there are still sections of the old highway?

Is that where the old Tall Tree Trail used to be?  It is no longer accessible, I don’t think.  I tried it once when I first moved here, ashamed to say, I didn’t make it, yet I have walked up the mountain numerous times  but that is easy going in comparison.  That is the only trail I could think it would be but then I have only been here 10 years so what do I know  ?    :confused:

Those old steps are indeed the old Mt Oldfield trail.  The first part with the boardwalk and stairs is pretty treacherous, but further up it’s still fairly passable.  You can traverse between Oldfield and Hays from that trail.  As for sections of the old highway, they’re all over the place.  Just look for the alders.