Kloiya bay

I am new to Rupert and have searched this forum regarding this question, however I’m still unsure. Is Kloiya bay public access? I am also looking for public places to beach comb with my sons, so far when I search on here the butze rapids trail and Ridley island come up. I drove out to Ridley and it does not seem to be public access unless I’m completely daft and missing something. Thank you for any input greatly appreciated! :smile:

Welcome Judy blue eyes…Kloya Bay has public access. Ridley Island does not.

Awesome! Thank you very much Gracies Mom for replying, I appreciate that very much :smile:

Unless you have a boat or know someone with one, there aren’t many areas around to beachcomb anymore. Ridley used to be public access but obviously no longer. There is Diana Lake which is very nice especially for picnics and Kloiya Bay is beautiful too. Further up the line are many beautiful lakes but not much around Rupert itself anymore. If you can get to Metlakatla there is a beautiful trail but there is a fee to walk it, I forget what it is though, sorry. There is also North Pacific Cannery out in Port Edward but there is a fee or at least a donation to visit there and they will approach you about that even if you just want to walk along the boardwalk. I think it is $12 per adult. I would suggest Terrace, the Lakelse Lake area has some pretty beach access.

Thank you very much codybear933 :smile:

If you walk rush brook trail at low tide there are a few places where the kids can do some beach combing, look for crabs etc. it starts right behind bobs on the rocks.

Also, inverness which is along the mouth of the skeena just past port Edward is a good spot to beachcomb.

Thanks Hissyfit & Crazy Train, you guys rock!! That’s great info and I really appreciate it!

Please be very cautious especially on the Rushbrook Trail as we really aren’t even supposed to walk it ! There are a few dangerous areas where there are no railings and steep drop offs. Not good for young kids! Inverness used to be quite a walk in over the tracks, last I heard from a Pt.Ed resident that was not allowed either but not sure about that one. The viewpoint before Port Ed at low tide is nice ! and across from there at the boat launch is nice too, a small driveway just past the viewpoint on the left. Tide times are listed in the front pages of the phone book.

Thank you Codybear933 :smile:

I’m pretty disappointing in the lack of hiking trails, walkable parks and waterfront there is in Rupert. Such a magnificent place to live, so little access to that beauty.

The Outsider’s Guide to Prince Rupert book is pretty neat. I think I’ll buy a kayak and check what’s on the other side!

Thanks to CN. Rail and The Super Port and their fencing the beach in and not allowing access out by The Ridley Road , the train tracks which used to be so nice to walk towards Port Ed , not much left for the regular folk . Progress .