Kitten or very small breed of dog (puppy)

Lokking for a small kitten also a small breed of dog (tea cup terrier or pappilion or chihuahua)

I hope you would consider Max
! He is no longer a kitten but ,he was loved and wanted until he grew up. I cant understand why ,he is such a cuddly affectionate cat. He is already neutered and has all his shots.All he wants is someone to love him .I have boarded him but today Ill be forced to drop him off at the wildlife shelter.These people do a good work but they are overwellmed with irresponsible pet owners who dont neuter or spaid their animals out and then get sick of them and drop them off out the highway to become wolf prey.from my experience You never know the personality of a kitten ,I have adopted mature cats I have trapped wild cats and had them fixed I now have several of them that I feed and some have come to stay.Because they are mature you dont have to go through the ruination of your curtains and furniture.Also they have their personality ,so you know what your getting.Max is mellow ,he is beautiful looking, he has a coat like a lion soft as can be. He loves to be brushed Just consider Max thanks petra

I know most people dont’ consider adult dogs. But really, the SPCA is completely clogged with unwanted animals. Why don’t you have a look there, or even at the wildlife shelter? They are all animals looking for a home, and it will make you feel even better, to rescue an animal, rather than just buy one. Two feel good things, not just one.

I have a super cute toy pomeranian that needs a home. He needs to be the centre of attention, he thrives on it. With us, he is one of 2 dogs, we also have cats, fish and kids so he doesnt get the attention he requires. If you would like more information please call Katy or Mike 624-4007.