Kitimat & Terrace Tv program "Dare To Be Stupid"


My name is Matt Mask and I am the producer of “Dare To Be Stupid”

I developed this program in mid 2005 and it has been airing on City West Cable 10, the local channel, and as far as I know it is the first program ever developed and aired on the channel. Right now its first season has been airing in both Kitimat & Terrace B.C

The Program was supposed to air in Prince Rupert as well but due to technical issues and the shows late time slot due to its content it couldnt air in Rupert at this time.

I am here to let everyone know where they can find the show online if they wish to watch it since I always wanted the show to reach the Prince Rupert area.

you can find videos from the show at these links:

The shows main website is
it has plenty of info on the show.

I also have an account on MYSPACE at

I would also like to announce that a radio program called “The Nightmare Hour” which is an internet radio show will debut hopefully this fall.

There is an alternative now to CFTK and soon current radio.

Some of you will hate DTBS and not find it funny, some of you will enjoy it, I just want to bring something different to the region and an alternative and I hope to bring more content in the coming years.

Thanks to all the people in this region who supported this show and thanks to the people of Prince Rupert who supported this program even after it wasnt able to air in the area.

feel free to message me here on the forum or through my websites.


Matt Mask

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I saw your show on channel 10 one night and did not enjoy it.  Not the content of the show, though, just the quality of the video/sound.  I know you guys are on a very limited budget but putting out the $$ to get some better equipment would help you a LOT.  In many of the shots everything was extremely overexposed and in the majority of the show you couldn’t hear what was going on.

Have you asked Chris about borrowing some of the Monarch gear?  I used one of his low-end video cameras with an external microphone and had pretty good results.  I’m sure if you asked him he’d say yes.  A used Canon GL1 can be found for less than $1,000 on eBay, too, but if you’re going to spend that much you’re going to want a new filmer, too.

I dont disagree at all with what you said but yes we are on a budget and most of the crew was very new at this since I am a performer and technical issues are not my expertise. I am trying my best to imrpove the quality for a new show and new season. Both myself and the crew had a lot to learn and hopefully the next show is better quality. I do use City Wests equipment but to do the public comedy we do, its very hard to insure perfect sound.

There are some quality episodes with some really good content, and I do recommend people check them out at the links I provided in my other posts since the videos are improved a bit from the broadcast version. I think the content is good and I’ll continue to build on the shows success so provide something new in these areas.