Kin Hut

So now they are talking of taking down the Kin Hut in a couple of weeks, I heard they were planning this but did not wish to advise the public. I think that if they were so much into worry about money spending and thinking of raising your taxes why not give it to a group who may use it either for youth , youth activities or just for a great place to meet. Yeah meet to discuss how the city could save some money, I suggest someone ask to see Herb’s travel budget.

You can’t GIVE the KinHut away now. It’s falling apart.
No one has used it in so long, imagine what the cost to restore it would be.

Does the city even own it? Whoever owns it, there’s a reason it’s not being used. That place is a wreck and I’m surprised it hasn’t been taken down a long time ago.

Well they did try to burn it down a year or so ago, perhaps if the city is set to get rid of it they could contract out… :unamused: