Kin Hut is no more

A long time landmark on the east side of Prince Rupert, the Kin Hut, has been demolished due to the frequent cases of vandalism that have plagued the site over the last couple of years.

At one time a  poular social gathering spot for the city, it had been handed over to the city once the Kinsmen club stopped operating in the city a number of years ago. Since that time, it has been mainly a boarded up derelict of a structure, often it seems destined to go up in flames as local vandals would try to test the response time of Prince Rupert Fire Rescue…

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 3808943258 )-

Gotta find a new place for after-school fights?

This makes me sad-I’ve a lot of good memories from that place. Time marches on I suppose but like many things these days, neglect and vandalism wins over some loving care and attention.  :?

LOL, ah it makes sense now, part of the SD 52 pollicy on bullies, remove the meeting place and all will be pacified… can’t fight if you can’t find the site… ingenious… :smiley:

No one actually called “Fight at the Kin Hut” anymore, it’s now “Fight at the skate park!!”

But I guess it doesn’t really matter… as long as there are kids out there with camera phones to record the fight and put it up on YouTube and Bebo they’ll go anywhere.