Kids these days

With their World of Warcraft and their Sims…

In my day, we had Little Computer People, and we ran it on our C64s!

Now get the hell off my lawn you kids!

You know what was really cool?

Raid on Bungeling Bay!

And for the record, I’m the greatest WoW player ever but here’s some real Bad Dudes…

The greatest WoW player ever eh?

I dunno about you guys, but I think we could put that name to the test.

Many have tried, all have failed.  I am the best.

I don’t play WoW, but, I’ll be curious to hear if you can defeat all challengers.  This sounds like a duel is shaping up. :smiley:

I can’t remember the name but you started by flying your ship out of the space station. I never got that far.
Hell I never even wrapped that Pacman clone that had the little Commodore logo for the pacman…
Zork… that was about my speed “You have been eaten by a grue”

Dude!  There’s a Z-code interpreter on the iPhone.  It lets you play Zork and all those other infocom adventures.  Very cool.

Anyone remember good old Wing Commander?  I had that running on my 512k Diamond Stealth that cost $550 and a 386/08 that was $3000, got about 1/3 fps but I thought it was the best at the time, mid eighties I guess. I remember when I bought it the guy at northern computer said “I wouldnt bother with that mice thingy, its just some fad type of thing it wont actually catch on, its useless I wouldnt waste your money”. hehe

If anyone plays on Kargath, I’ll gladly kill them with my lock.

Back when we Amigans would laugh at you guys. We’d mess with “DCTV” and show doctored Terminator video clips and the PC guys in the club would ask “How do we do that with our 386”?
15 years before Mac made it cool, we’d answer “You don’t. Stick to spreadsheets, loser.”

I thought the slowest you could get a 386 was 16mhz.  I remember my first one :wink:  a 386 SuX-16.

Raid on Bungeling Bay was the shiznit.  I totally forgot about that game until I saw the picture then I remebered all the times that I played it.  Awesome.  Well, it was anyhow.

I like Shisen-Sho and Sokoban.  :smiley:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I hate warlocks with a passion, they are the only class I have real trouble killing.
(With a decently geared Shadow priest)…Grr.

Damn, wish I woulda known more about A/UX back in the day. It’s like OS X, but existed 15 years ago. Completely UNIX, but could run Mac binaries too.

I think your right it was a 286/08, although I am not positive. As I remember it it was a Hewitt Rand 286/08 with 2 megs of ram, ram was the old EDO at something like $250 per meg. I remember guys at work saying " holy shit two megs of ram, thats crazy, what on earth are you going to do with that?" LOL. The “neverlock loader” and Direct Access" days, keith woodward had the only email server in town at the time, every night at midnight his bsd box would connect to a bbs server in prince george and forward your email to it, the next night it would forward it along the way, email took almost as long as snail mail back then, and was probably more expensive. Nowadays I doubt my kids have ever bought a stamp much less used one.

Heh, I just asked my 13 year old if she’s ever mailed a letter using a stamp…she just rolled her eyes at me, lol.

lol, C