Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary

So I again went to the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary today and got to see Lucy  and her two cubs.
Lucy is quite well known she has been featured in wild life documentary shows, photo magazines and numerous other magazines.

I have seen her for the last three years thanks to Doug Davis of Prince Rupert Adventure Tours.
If you ever get the chance I recommend them for an awesome experience you will never soon  forget; Doug is top notch. 
the cubs were frolicking in the ocean fighting and chasing each other, here are few pictures sorry there a bit blurry. 

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more grizzlies

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last bunch

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Cool!  How much are the tours? ($)

I have the season pass, but i think its around 150.00 for 6 hours

did you mean 6 HOURS or 6 TOURS?

6 hours

$150 for 6 hours seems like a total rip. Luckily I’m going there for free on Friday on school business.

That’s only $25 an hour.  That’s not a rip off at all.  That would cover wages and fuel, and not much else!

A total rip?
Dude, they have to make some sort of profit doing this you know. You can’t have everything for free.
I’d pay $150 for six hours. Pretty cheap once you think about it.

last year i went about 8 times I paid for 2 people each time i went, I loved it so much i bought a pass this year.

as for a rip off, I think you are a stupid kid and im going easy on you. because of your immaturity Kakkoii Hiro.

  As other have said you need to take in to account price of fuel, wages for tour guides park fees I’m sure and liability insurance and so much more.

So before you talk about something or say somethings a rip, do some research on prices and you will find that Doug Davis is  by far the best way to go.

stupid kids Geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!

sorry price is just above 230.00 and student rate is 150.00…still well worth every penny…

grizzly bear viewing with Doug has been 100% the last 2 years… 

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more from the other day…

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hear are some more pictures, Im going up Friday one more time…

enjoy :smiley:
Lucy and her cubs.
and a hug male, this guy is as big as a cow…

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That is some great stuff Astrothug, sure would like to take something like that in and yeah you are right it is not a rip off but for the unemployed.

I went to see them when I was there 2 weeks ago, and it was absolutely fantastic, worth every single cent (Ok, so we didn’t pay ourselves, but that was just an added bonus). Didn’t see Lucy, but her cubs were playing around for a while… Probably one of the best 8 hours of my life… We spent more time watching the cubs and then stalking a whale than expected, so were a bit late back! Defiantly worth my 10,000 mile round trip to Rupert :smile: