To any one waiting with anticipation for KFC to land in Rupert I offer my dinning experience in Terrace this afternoon!
First off, I admit that I never really liked KFC, but my wife insisted thats what she wanted.
I have always thought that the service in Rupert’s McDonalds was slow, but they could sure take a lesson from Terrace’s KFC!  We went in about 1:00 PM. (Maybe past their ‘peek’ rush hour for service). One till open, with several people waiting. I counted about six other workers, a couple cooking, and the rest moving about in random motion, but not seemingly doing anything. About a  ten Minuit wait. My wife wanted a two piece spicy chicken meal, and I just ordered their ‘Classic’ chicken sandwich.
The ‘Meal’ comes with two sides. I asked for fries and gravy as sides. The kid said that the ‘sides’ don’t include gravy, and cant be substituted for one of the other sides. OK, just include the gravy  with the other two sides. Then the kid asks me if I want to contribute a dollar to their local charity of some kind. OK, what the heck.
So the bill is about $16.
The ‘Classic’ sandwich was absolutely tasteless! Bit of mayo on it and some lettuce.
I am use to poor service and substandard food, ( I have traveled a lot and eaten in some god awful places)  but when I saw what the chicken in my wife’s ‘meal’ turned out to be, a small leg with another  piece of (what looked like a back) with greasy coating over fatty skin and mostly bone, I resolved that this is our last time at KFC!
After our ‘meal’ I went to the men’s wash room and it was filthy! Paper towels overflowing from the waste basket, dirty floor, toilet seat with obvious urine drops on it! When we were leaving, I noticed a display of Gift certificates on the counter for KFC meals.In my opinion they should  be renamed ‘Death Certificates for KFC meals’!! 
We were in a bit of a hurry, and I suppose I should have asked to speak to the manager. When we got back, I thought I would make this post just for  information to the HTMF readers about our KFC day :frowning:

Try the Spicy chicken sandwich. We had the misfortune to hit KFC in College Heights at 8:30 pm.
Like, such total assholes. Showing up half hour before closing so they had to keep working. The gal glared at us and dumped splotch after splurt of hot sauce on the sandwiches, did a half-ass wrap job and handed them to us.
Boy did she fuck up. We LIKE hot.
Cath yells from the floor "Hey you with the stare. This is the first thing we ever ate at KFC we could actually taste!"
The one in Hooterville must use pigeons or something. Even in the breast meat and thick of the drumsticks there were sharp, tiny little pieces of bone. We had to take it away from the baby and pick thru it first…

Do you guys have the grilled chicken from KFC up there yet?

Yikes…sorry u had such a bad experience there Clocked Out.  I feel ya pain too…last year just because we wanted to take some of there “SO CALLED” tasty chicken back to Rupert…My cousin and I waited in line for 45 minutes.  Crazy huh…Yup…45 friggen minutes

That’s a good one man.  Good quote.

Also probably hates job, life – and if you had complained – you, too.

Nevermind, my dad went there once, and they were out of chicken. :unamused:

I miss Brownies chicken or Chicken Factory. :cry: I really did not like the service at KFC in Terrace either, they either look stoned or hungover and really looked unkempt.  I had the same problem there as I did when it was here “extra wings” that we did not order, we had flies stuck to the chicken.  No very tasty :frowning: