Kazaa sucks

Cant download shit music from there. Fucken no one shares. Any other programs out there peoples? FUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!

Try Ares simple and I’m pretty sure people share on there

I thought people stopped using Kazaa a loooooong time ago when the quality of the downloads went downhill and everyone stopped sharing because they were afraid of getting caught and fined.

WinMX, ODC and Soulseek work fine for me.

I havn’t used any P2P apps lately… The last was probably WinMX, and I found it to be not much better than any of the other programs out there… Suprnova/Bit Torrent and other privatized boards and such have better quality files… People tend to only distribute good stuff, otherwise they end up being the only SEED hosting that file. I would get into Bit Torrent or IRC if the whole Kazaa seen is getting you down :wink:

Never mind, I found out how ah!

lyke omg. so old sch00l.
ever heard of IRC? o_O

Limewire rocks.

Ares is the best that I’ve used.

how mine isnt working?

but my imesh is working fine.


Thanks. Now I could look for Slim Harpo! :open_mouth:

hahahahaha, did you just say what i think you said?

ahaah yeah its pretty retarded, i have like 600 songs, and it costs like 1.99 per track

its a ripoff

Someone actually buys music off the internet? I thought that’s what the bank of P2P was for?

ares is pretty good

Paying for music? so 20th century.