What is this new Karma quotient underneath all out avatars and how are they determined? 

You can click on someones + or - to add or take away karma,  if you like thier post or think they are arseholes.   I just added 1 to yours.

I am so controversial it appears.

I was just about to ask. :confused:

Apparently I already clicked +/- today? Because I don’t seem to able to click on any +/- signs. Or maybe you need a certain amount of posts?

How do you do that guys?  In amateur terms please. :smiley:

<------ click the + or - sign under a poster’s name if you like what they posted or not

wish it was working do you need so many post or anything to do it

Holy crap I’ve already got -15 and I haven’t made a controversial post for months!

I’m sure you got a few negatives from the riot thread for not telling the kids what they wanted to hear and that’s that they were completely right and everyone else was completely wrong.

I don’t see it either…where is it…?

I don’t see it either…

You only see it (and can contribute to it) if your karma is at a certain level as well.

hrm apparently im almost neutral.

not for long i would bet :imp:

What kind of level do you need to contribute…not really fair that certain people can do the Karma thing but whatever thats fine keep it to the regulars :imp:

It would seem many people actually agree with my comments. Im sure there will be an influx of -  now though.

I think you can only vote once a day.

Now the +/- signs are gone now lol hmm wonder what happened there

I can still see them.

  ya… things come and go on HTMF …