Karaoke On your computer

Has anyone ever played around with any karaoke programs for your computer?

I am looking for a program that i can use the mic in on my pc for the audio in.

Yes I have its ok… I have over  400 Karaoke CD’s, most I burned all ready but most are still in a mp3 format… my arcade machine, does mame (arcade amulator) SNES, NES Super NES, Genisis , pinball, dance dance revolution. And I was using it as a Karaoke machine too, I have close to 75,000 Games on it. check it out here.


Where is this Karaoke program on your link? All i could find if your mame stuff.

Karaoke software try  Googling  it… there is plenty out there, some free some not so free…




Have you tried any of these?

hmm,  (thinking out loud) assuming astro plays each game for one hour at the rate of one game per day, it will take him … 75 000/ 365…  about 205 years to go through all of them.  Well, ( still thinking aloud) let’s say that he isn’t interested in wolves anymore and only plays videogames and only stops for a short sleep ( 5 hours a day), for personal hygiene and for food ( maybe one more hour), that leaves him with 18 hours a day to play so… that will now be…75 000 / (365 x 18)…  about **11 years and 5 months **. 

What the heck do  you need 75 000 games for?

haha BigThumb your right… I only play maybe 100 or so games on it, the clasics, like pac-man miss pacman, galaga, space invaders, defender, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong JR, breakout, house of the dead, Pinball and N64 games. the rest is for show. Dance Dance Revolution is fun  I play that once in awhile, I was thinking of building a mini arcade for my little girl, but thats a few years away. As for the wolves still do that just not as much as last year, having a little one sort of takes away that time, we get out 2 times a week still.
I find as i get older there is not enough time to do all the things we enjoy.

Nor when you’re studying…  In Theory