Kamikaze Suicide Birds

I have been having some issues with birds committing suicide on my living room window.  It was rampant in the spring - died off for a little while (no pun intended) - and now it’s happening again.

I have closed the curtains so that the birds don’t think there is a way to get through my house from the living room to the dining room windows.  I have put chunks of tinfoil on the window - no difference. 

Does anyone have any tried and trusted methods of trying to stop them?  The last one that hit the window was quite large so I am now moderately concerned that the window might break. 


get a shotgun and just start shooting them.

get a cat

IS there a reflection cast upon your window on the outside?  We used to have huge trees out front so the birds figured they were ok to fly right into the window, and it only stopped when the city cut the trees down to widen the road.

You could try attaching Warning Web decals to the window.
Some believe that the stabilimentum of the web warns birds off.

I have cat,  she eats Birds,  Spiders  ( Austalian Huntsman, Google them ) Is very affectionate. I was going to to post a topic looking for a home for her as my girl friend is very allergic to her.  
She is a long Hair Black and white Female, microchipped, “Fixed”, and has all her shots.
Loves to sit in windows and scare away birds.  

set up an advanced anti-aircraft gun with lasers

Place large decals on it, or paint it.

The tin foil probably didn’t work 'cause it wouldn’t stop a reflection.

Wouldn’t you think that the bird would at least say in its mind…“Look out for the other bird” before it rams your window?

No, because it sees the “other bird” as encroaching on it’s territory and
attacks it.