Kaien island wolves.com gets a make over

Hi everyone likes to say that our site kaienislandwolves.com had a makeover this weekend, it’s been updated. More links to wolves in the news, video, photographs, and other interesting links…
We are also iphone/itouch and pocket pc friendly.

Hey! Where’s the page to order premium wolf meat and coat?

Nice looking site, astro.  :sunglasses:

Just had a visit with your web site, very interesting and much reading Dave, I thank you for putting in the time where we may get some bit of knowledge. I thank you and yours for bringing this to us. Well done lad.

I think you need a new server this thing is sooo slow, that or its your connection.  It also resolves VERY slowly too.

Humm, weird.

thanks guys;
ya Jason I know it’s a bit slow loading, I have a lot of downloads right now, I wish I knew more about my server, I was thinking a raid system my server computer is new, but my guess would be  software side is slow plus all the torrents Im downloading I’m downloading 9 seasons of X-files right now!! 70 gigs or so have going I’m on Premium ADSL

You know, you should just pay a hosting company to host your site. Its not the server and using a raid system wont make it any faster on our side.  Maybe set your torrents to go all night and slow down during the day, thats what i do with my mac server.

Lfchosting.com is really good and good prices, VERY reliable too, great support and fast responces.

Pm me if you want.


Hey Astro,

Great site.  Looks great visually, and lots of useful information.  Great to have a place to post all your info and photos.

Here’s my take on why it loads really slow – you’ve got a bunch of things going wrong:

  • Tell WordPress not to have so many stories on the front page.  Maybe the last 3 or 4 would be enough.  Right now there are over 200 images that have to load on the front page for it to be complete.  Your server (is it Apache?)  doesn’t seem to be doing pipelining properly, so each one of those 200 images on the front page generate a request to your webserver.  It’s basically more than 200 hits just to load one page.

  • Resize photos with photoshop and do “save for web” if you’re going to post them on the blog.  That way they’ll load really quickly, and you can still link to the full-sized ones.  Right now you have them being resized with HTML.  Stacey’s photo on the front page, for example, should only be 300-400 pixels across, but if you view what’s actually downloaded to the user’s browser, it’s 800 pixels across (then the users browser resizes it after it’s been downloaded). 

You could really speed things up by using lighter jpegs – that photo of Stacey is currently 800 pixels and 200k.  If you resize it to 400 pixels and save it as a medium-quality jpeg, you’ll get it down to 20k.  Ten times faster!

  • Take Jason’s advice and consider hosting it somewhere else.  I host a bunch of sites (maybe 30 or so), but only HTMF is on my home server.  Especially if I was downloading a lot of torrents…

Here’s a video to show you what it loads like from outside:


Ok, I just went back and counted, and there’s more than 25 posts on the front page.  That’s too many, and it’s the main reason the site is slow for sure.  Try making it 5 (or 10 at most) and see what happens.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Thanks Mig will do that asap…

Slow them torrents down too :stuck_out_tongue: slow down your uploads :stuck_out_tongue:

holly shit thanks for the Movie seeing how slow it loads in real world is a eye opener… shit man thats slooooooowwwww :confused:

Ya jason I did that too durring the day i have my upload cap to 25 KB/s

Yeah, it is very slow.

thanks guys for the info, I’m thinking of getting a dedicated server set-up, what i need to know I seen lots of sites that offer multi-hosting on one account for under 7.00 dollers a month. but I have not been able to find out if I can transfer mysql data base’s files and folders. here are some sites I found.
Blue Host bluehost.com/
HostICan hostican.com/
I like thses two Blue host has multi hosting options but no mysql transfer.
hostican has only 2 mutli hosting options but will transfer all files and data bases for free both are 6.95 a month.

any info would be great I like those prices as Im not making money of my sites… I like them cheap…

mySQL transfer?  Um, why don’t you just do it yourself?  Download a backup of your database and then upload it to the new host.

um I have played with doing it, but Im not 100% conferrable about doing it…  :unamused:

I’ll let you know something about these cheap web hosting companies, First off, they usually buy a server then load about 400-1000 websites to a box and when one site is hogging the cpu, well your site becomes slow, second they are slow at fixing problems.

So in theory, you get what you pay for.

And in some cases, even that is perfectly fine for what people are hosting. It all depends on how popular your site is.

I’ve had good luck with 1&1 internet.