Jus sounds/seems wrong

    In Wednesday’s paper, there was an article on page 11, stating this,
"  Indian man’s new wife is a real bitch, he marries female dog in bid to ward off canine curse"  Now after reading that article, I found myself chuckling, and thinking that it jus sounded wrong,

LOL, guess it was slim pickins’ day in the filler department.

On the bright side for the paper, somebody actually bothered to read all the way to page number 11… :wink:

And who-so-ever said that east coasters couldn’t make it that far ehh

:astonished: I had to re-read that heading a few times just to make sure i was reading it right, i was so shocked…then after about five minutes i started to giggle a little, its not a funny story, but what a heading…
im sure that caught alot of peoples attention…

  so very true kisses,  I had to re-read it myself a few times, kinda brings out the true meaning of “Dogfucker”,lol