Junk hotmail

These are the things im getting in my Junk Hotmail account

  • Be a Larger man
  • New Quick Release
  • You GirlWantb:gger
  • Viagra-like effects bombproog
  • Me:nE:nHa:nv:er
  • Lenthen your Man New faster growth
  • Ma:leGr:ow:th
  • More intense orgasms

Anyone else getting These? and…
I tried them all, and none of them work! lol just joking

Someone’s trying to tell you something.

I get:
MeetSinglesWith -Christian- Principles
More intense orgasms
Increased Potency Viagra
Get an OVERNIGHT CashAdvance
Tomorrows -Cash- Advanced TONIGHT
Achieve a college diploma
Surf safer, stop spyware, save 43% on security bundle!

Most of the spam I get to my citytel account is either offering me a great rate on a mortgage, or trying to sell me some drugs.


Barbara Davis » Steven, Please confirm Your $15,000 working from home position - Hi Steven! Congrats! You’ve been selected for a position to earn up to $15000 per month … Jan 20
Claudette Ball Fw: Your prescripti0n is ready for pickup - Enter Here JUST LOOK AT WHAT YOU GET: Top quality medication Low prices Reputable manufacturers … Jan 3
Mercedes Wolff Stevenwilson111 Need software? Click here - TOP quality software: Special Offer #1: Windows XP Professional+Microsoft Office XP Professional … 12/25/04

and 30 others…

ISP’s POP3 (main):

Try Incredimail, you could import your Hotmail or Yahoo or other accounts in them.

Incredimail is one of the top mail programs.

Don’t believe everything you hear! I remember installing Incredimail a few years ago and it had nothing but spyware. But if you like pop-ups and such, go right ahead.

Update: upon further research i found this link…


Incredimail was nothing but annoying when I tried it.

What do you guys make of this?

Scroll down to the bottom.

Whoa, that’s sweet.