Junior final time sucks

What an absolute load of crock that one of the biggest hockey games of the year is going to be televised at 4 p.m. tomorrow, as Canada meets Russian in the world junior final!

Here the tournament is being held in British Columbia, yet we still get the shaft because broadcasters don’t want to upset viewers in Eastern Canada by making them stay up a little later - better to have most British Columbians miss the first period (and second, for those work until 6 p.m.).

I guess the world really does revolve around Toronto and all points east! :imp:

Umm, yeah, I’m gonna have to go ahead and question “load of crock” as an expletive.

If you can have both a crock of shit, and a load of shit, having a load of crock is kind of like having a quantity of a quantity, isn’t it?

But yeah, I hear what you’re saying about the game. I’m gonna see if I can work through my lunch hour in order to get off work an hour early.

Did anyone read Bob Mackenzie’s editorial today on how he was dissapointed how badly the fans booed the US.

I watched 4 games live down there and the fans booed the US more then we cheered Canada. It was emabarassing, but it just goes to show how Central Canada has little realization of the West. The fans cheered Wendel Clark (bless his soul) when he was on the jumbo tron but booed heavily when they mention the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I once wrote an article on a book that said we as Canadians don’t have identities. I argued that was wrong based on common things across Canada we rally for (including Hockey). But this tournament and the upcoming election made me realize that we have major problems as a Country. I felt right at home booing the US. Shows them that they are not the manifest destinators they think they are. But now I realize at least the US know who they are. We as Canadians only know, “we are not the US”. I don’t know if thats good enough. Sorry for the ramble.

Go Canada Go

The main reason the U.S. was being booed was because of the cheap shot elbow American Jack Johnson threw on Canadian Steve Downie at the end of the U.S.-Canada game, which neither Johnson or his team acknowledged as being cheap (he didn’t even get suspended for a game), and that’s totally legitimate.

The Americans also tried to goon it up in the final six or seven minutes vs Russia too but, surprise! These aren’t the same Russians of year’s past, who turned their cheeks. It was cool to watch the Russians hammering right back.

The Russians have a physical AND highly skilled team and our Canadian boys are going to have be at their best and stay out of the penalty box to pull this one out.

Go, Canada, go!

I couldn’t believe that American guy didn’t get anything for that elbow after the empty netter.

TSN announcers suck! I know that, like me and most of us here, they are fans of Canada’s Junior team but come on. They never miss an opportunity to diss the russian team. The sidekick, McGuire, is constantly negative towards Russia’s players. It doesn’t add anything. I am muting my tv from now on.

I haven’t been enjoying the TSN broadcasts for the entire tournament, thanks to Mcguire. He is such a negative asshole, and blatantly biased in Canada’s favour.

Thank you. Now I don’t feel alone anymore.

I’ve actually been bitching about Mcguire all tournament.

In the third period of the game tonight he said, “And the boy from Caroline, Alberta just became a man with that play.”

It was a good defensive play and all, but wtf?

And also, he kept talking about that one Russian player, saying things like, “That guy’s gonna dive, all day long. That’s all he ever does.”

Like, wtf dude? Have some class.

Also, did they not shake hands after the game? Also classless.

Yup, Cheap Don Cherry wannabee.

Why is it we can never watch our Canadian Teams that great game of hockey without someone picking on the Grape? Now hope that Don was watching this game right to where all them there Russian players cried like Girlie-Boys.

Good thing it wasn’t the Canadians that had a goal they scored missed by the officials - we’d never hear the end of that.

That goal by russia that was missed was kinda BS, sorta, it wouldnt of done much because they didnt realize it at the time, so when they finally would of realized it, it wouldn’t of done much to there motivation.

But they would of been less embarrassed, maybe the goalie wouldn’t of slashed downie either.

I dunno, I belive that if that goal counted that the russians would have some better momentum then getting a goal taken away from them. basically you could see that after that happened it was a differant Team. but all and all good game.

You’re right Timbits, that goal would have changed the momemtum. I don’t think the russian would have won because the canadians were so pumped and were on home ice. But the game would have been much better and more dramatic.
However, the russians should have asked for a review before the next whistle. I guess no one saw the goal go in because they didn’t question it. Also, I wonder if the language barrier affected this event. Anyway it would be interesting to see what the russian sports press make out of this.

I think Pogge was the story of this game. He held the fort earlier on.

Now, did I hear the TSN announcers say that some russian officials wanted to review their tapes and TSN refused to give it to them? If that’s the case, what a lack of class from TSN. I mean, the goal was a goal, period. I didn’t ( and shouldn’t) count but to hold the tape was totally stupid. Imagine a tournament in Moscow where the same thing happens to a canadian team. Ghost of communist propaganda would be blamed and TSN would have fodder for that stupid OTR show for months.

poolboy wrote:

Correcto-mendo poolboy. I believe that if it was the USA in the finals vs Canada, and with the score 5-0, you would have seen some pretty dirty shit from the Americans. It’s just how they are, they watch Chelios and Roenick as there idols, and some follow up with dirty play. Or even CRYbabies.

For the Russian goal that was not reviewed, what did happen? I was busy for that 5 minutes. Did they start play too quick after the dis-allowed goal?

But wasn’t that an awsome first period? Whamm, BOOM, BANG!!!
Like little baldy calls it.

Congrats to Team Canada and Mr. Sutter. 12-0!!!


Yeah, High Timez, they started the play right away and only reviewed it later - which was stupid. Since you can’t disallow a goal after there has been an ensuing faceoff, why do it at all? All it did was make a worse mess.

In any event, yes, the goal would have given the Russians some momentum but, hey, at 2-0, you’re still in the game and credit goes to Canada for stepping on their throats when they were down and finishing the job. After all, Team Canada did nothing wrong. It was the officials’ mistake and we all know the breaks have gone against Canada many times before. In '72, they got jerked around big time in Russia but still overcame the adversity to win three of the four games and, thus, the series.

And I totally agree with you, Eso, on Maguire and that stupid “boy became a man” comment. When the guy made the play, Maguire howled that it was an “unbelievable” play when, in reality, all it was was a solid defensive play. Maguire’s just trying too hard, largely, I think because of that stupid “monster of the game” thing they have going.

Anyway, great game for Canada. Some disagree about the Finnish goalie getting best goalie but, if you take away the first period yesterday, Pogge didn’t have nearly as much work, so I think the Finn deserved it. That said, how about that glove save on the deflection in the first by Pogge!!

Yes sir poolboy. Pogge was looking like Patrick Roy last night!
That save he made from a deflection was just out right unbelievable.

Now the Cannots need a goalie or a trade NOW!

I don’t remember the last time I saw junior teams shake hands after a championship game, regardless if it was Canada vs. Russia. It would be good to see junior teams shake after every game, round robin and all.