JT threatens Scheer with lawsuit

Who’s advising the PM these days?
Drip,drip,drip goes Trudeau’s majority.
'Didn’t paste the article but you’ve probably heard.

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Scheer says PM’s lawyer threatened him with libel suit over SNC-Lavalin affair - CTV News

Talk about being tone-deaf. Handing the opposition a gift.

Trudeau threatens Scheer with lawsuit over SNC-Lavalin comments

Is Scheer knowledgeable enough to know he’s subject to laws like the rest of us when he’s outside the House of Commons?
I hate to look like I’m defending Trudeau but FFS it’s looking like the Tories won’t let go of this Lavalin Affair because they got nothing else…


if it were the tories with the same scandal the liberals would be doing the same thing, until the public gets tired of it the tories will continue with the scandal even though it was not illegal but was political which is what a politician should be doing, ie change a ministers mind for your constituents or to help you get reelected