John Watch

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upon visiting the site I discovered that most of the johns drive Fords, haha. So Ford sucks in more ways than one!! … method=any

Fords rule, man.

Holy shit! I think all of 'em drive Fords.

Somebody should tell these people that ‘Cruising’ and ‘Talking’ aren’t against the law yet.

Ford Impala? Ford Eagle?

(cranky old poop)
Stupid people make stupid rules.

[quote] In 1904 they were all Fords, and we should live and be ruled by 1904 ideas.
Gotta go find my bran flakes [/quote]

(cranky old poop)

That’s because Ford makes big vehicles. You try shagging in the back of a VW Golf.

I don’t think most people could shag in a VW golf even with the seats taken out!

FORD = Fungus On Red Dick

Speaking of watches, I’m thinking of getting a Nixon. Is there anything that makes them better than no-names, or is it just the name that makes them expensive?