Jobs in Prince Rupert

Where’s the best place to find out what job opportunities are avilable here in Rupert?

Put on some comfortable shoes, some decent clothes, and take a folder full of resumes and drop them off all over town.  The town is small enough that you should be able to do it all within a few hours.

Good luck.

hey thanx!  Was considering doing just that but don’t really want to work until Sept.

LOL  I think you better rethink that idea of waiting until September to find work

Prince Rupert is quiet considering it’s summer, and after labour day it will really be tight… 

I know that the Crest will be hiring in Sept. (in the restaurant)

Retail stores will be hiring for Back to School VERY soon.  Gotta get people trained before the traffic quadruples!

It’ll have to be in Sept. as i have 2 children that I don’t want to pay daycare for :wink:  Maybe I’ll do some pounding of the pavement and get my name out there sooner though:) Never worked in a restaurant…don’t think that’s for me.  was hoping for office work or possibly something in customer service.  I’m new to town obviously…is the rumour true…“you have to know someone to get the job”

yes the rumour is true, it’s often who you know, just like a lot of places…

Retail sales are very weak right now so don’t expect much hiring …
However if you pursue early something should happen for you.

I don’t blame you not wanting to pay day care costs

Totally untrue.  Most stores in this town are ALWAYS looking for people who enjoy talking, and aren’t lazyasses.

well according to business owners I have spoke to sales are very weak…
But possibly larger places like Safeway etc…

Well then I guess my store is exceptional.  We rock.

Not true. The job market in Rupert is flooded right now with students home for the summer–in September there will be spots needing to be filled again.

ok well best of luck