Jim Patteson

What has he bought in Rupert so far?

And isn’t he the richest man in B.C?

I would like to know.

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All I remember about him was that his daughter was kidnapped a few years ago, and the kidnappers demanded some huge ransom. Apparently, they demanded the ransom be delivered to some shopping center.

When they finally did get the money, did they hightail it out of there and try and get away clean? No. They went shopping at the shopping center, where they got arrested.

Some people are just too stupid to live.

Jimmy Pattison…one of the richest men in Canada. Owns Overwaitea and Save-On Foods, several Pattison auto dealerships, many other small businesses in BC including Bulkley Valley Wholesale in Smithers. Rumour has it that he has bought some property here. I know that he has been to Rupert in the past few years and apparently told those that he spoke to to keep their homes because this place was gonna boom.


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Jim also owns the Canadian Fishing Company… anlong with tons of seine boats… he the guy controlling the fishing industry.

Yep… he singly owns canadian fish, overwaitea/save-on, and numerous car dealerships. He also owns 40% cafor, the second largest pulp/paper, and wood products company in north america. Pattison’s estimated worth is 9 Billion dollars.

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The Overwaitea Food Group, an industry trendsetter as Western Canada’s leading food and consumer-goods retailer - operates more than 100 branches of Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, Urban Fare, Cooper’s Foods, Price$mart Foods and Bulkley Valley Wholesale throughout British Columbia and Alberta.
Buy-Low Foods, 26 community-responsive corporate and franchise stores that remain market leaders in their BC and Alberta locations while its Associated Grocers wholesale and distribution system - Canada’s largest of its kind - supplies retailers throughout the West. Van-Whole Produce, Western Canada’s second largest produce wholesaler.

Canadian Fishing Company - Canada’s major producer of Pacific salmon and herring roe - harvesting and processing the West Coast’s superb-quality seafood and marketing it around the globe.

The Jim Pattison Group’s Export and Financial Services include Westshore Terminals, Jim Pattison Real Estate Group and Great Pacific Capital.

The guy is filthy stinkin rich. He recently bought Frank Sanotra’s old house in Beverly Hills.


Not to mention the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museums …