Jilted would be Terminal owners to Ottawa: Show Us the money!

Ottawa may be on the hook for a 30 million dollar payout, should a consortium of companies which wanted to purchase Ridley Terminals win their court case over a privatization plan that never happened.

Krisendra Bisetty of Business in Vancouver outlined the moves by the group as they prepare to take their case into B. C. Supreme Court, seeking damages of more than 30 million dollars after the on again, off again sale reached off again status in 2006.

Rupertites will remember that the fate of Ridley Islands became one of the key topics during the last federal election, and it was when the Harper government took office that the planned sale was cancelled. (Podunk passim 1 and Podunk passim 2).

The resurgence of the coal market as outlined in this Daily News article from 2006, is just one example why the consortium is now taking things to another level…

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