Jesus named "top black icon"

Funny stuff. Of course Jesus was black: he called everybody “brother”, liked Gospel, and couldn’t get a fair trial.

how many white people ohh i should say Caucasian. (Caucasian is originally a geographical term, meaning relative or pertaining to the Caucasus region of eastern Europe. It has in time acquired other specific meanings): were in africa, some 2000 yesrs ago, Jesus was black or middle eastern loooking.

I’m not even going to get involved with this one. I don’t belive in God or Jesus anyway. :smiling_imp:

Easy now, Mig. You don’t want people thinking you’re a racist, now do you?

Than why the hell are you posting about it ?

Didn’t you say you were gonna go away after you lil fixation with “WHITE PRIDE! WHITE PRIDE! BOMB IRAQ!”

Ever wonder what Jesus would of said at his last dinner ? I’m thinking something along the lines of “Pass the hot sauce hoe! O I zap you with my lightning rod!”

Jesus is my Father!! forever and ever AMEN

( take that! )

Uh… huh!?! Good for you. My dad is a truck driver; a sort of Kenworth God, persay. :laughing:

Ok you may not beleive in god but I beleive Jesus was a real person I dont know if he is the son of god, or if he healed the way it has been discribed in the bible. but there is so much evidence that he was a real person.

Yes, it is very likely that Jesus was black. One of the great Christian nations is Ethiopia, home of Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Orthodox churches (such as the Russian and Ethiopian) are much closer to the “early” church (that is, the church as Jesus intended it to be).

IF you start seeing a lot of cars with Idaho or Montana plates around Dave’s house, call the cops. Don’t try to save him unarmed…

Be a catholic!!! they rule!!!


Eh there dont nock religion you paygin.

Right back at ya.

im not pagan. i believe in brandonism.

Then i apologise.