Jesus is having a baby

Out of wedlock… wait what?   :astonished:

and its christmas time too  :angry:

for the love of God somebody help him  :smiley:

That was my initial reaction… then it was wait… someone had sex with me?

Pretty sure this is a virgin birth.


This is actually a for real thing.

You are having a baby? I thought you were a guy.

Im fucking jesus its a miracle baby is it that hard to comprehend?


Son of the son of god … I’ve heard sequels aren’t all that good …  :imp:

lord help us!!

can i suggest damien for a boy or lucy short for lucifer for girl

Its a girl, either going to be zoey or mya.

YES JOEL! your a retard still!

He who hates women, is reproducing?? oh noes.

No, I’m kidding.

Congratulations Jesus. I hope he/she is healthy and beautiful.

The person that swore women are useless, has now impregnated one, weird!

Best wishes, hope things go well.!  Kinda shocking to know that a kid is on the way.!

I thought he wa a Bot…  No wait thats Billy.

Congrats Jesus.

very nice names for your little girl… hope she’s just like her mom  :wink:
congrats jesus, this will sweeten you up, you’ll see

Congratulations, jesus!  Awesome news, man:-)

Congrats, jesus!  Love the names you have picked out!  Beautiful! Best wishes for a healthy and happy little girl and for you who promised to change all the diapers for the first few months, right???  :smiley:

Congratulations! :smiley:

Congrats man!!!

So does this mean a “kinder” “gentler” Jesus?
This is a turning point for HTMF! :wink:

Billy isn’t a bot, he’s a dumbass.

Fuck no.  Just less of me on here