Jerry Springer

I love classic Springer: “I’m pregnant by my brother”

So this brother knocks up his half sister, and wishes to propose his love to her, but wait… she’s sleeping with their adopted brother! Now the brothers are angry, and duke it out trailer-style. Mom weighs about 400 pounds.

That man is god among men.

I love how people still think this stuff is real.

you mean it isn’t :frowning:

No, it isn’t real, sorry to burst your bubble. Still, it’s funny sometimes…I wonder where Jerry finds all these violent, overweight, pregnant and unmannered people?

The US of A.

This is exactly why I don’t watch much mainstream TV, although I’ll admit there’s a certain amount of twisted entertainment value.

To say that TV sucks because of Jerry Springer is like saying that books suck because of trashy romance novels.

For every Jerry Springer, there’s a Frontline, or Angels of America.

There is a lot of quality TV out there. But to blindly tar all TV with the Jerry Springer brush is just ignorant.

I didn’t say it “sucked” mig, I just choose not to watch these these types of shows much, although I find this particular situation funny enough, they remind me of neighbours I had once. And I agree there’s lots of good programming on, it’s just getting more rare.

In the past year I have watched the least amount of TV in my life, I dont know why but I’ve noticed that most shows really do suck.

Show creators are running out of ideas, that’s for sure. I sit down to watch TV for a bit, and get bored after 10-15 minutes because the programs suck.

That’s when you start downloading programs instead. No commercials, and you watch only what you want to watch, when you want to watch it.

Yup, it’s all about personal choices and there are now just too many better choices, like HTMF for example. What do you think that says about us???

I totally agree with the downloading of shows from torrents, gotta love the no commercials ability to pause whenever you want, etc.

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