Jaws of life needed after two vehicles slide off Highway 16

The highway between Terrace and Prince Rupert was closed approximately 13 kilometres east of Prince Rupert in both directions this morning after two accidents on the same stretch of road.

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The 3rd accident in the region and christmas is not even here yet!

Who ever is maintaing the road needs to be doing a better job than this…its not just ALWAYS the drivers fault!!

but but but privatizing the road maintenance was a good idea and saved us money… or something.

The stretch between Smithers and Terrace looked like an unplowed side street when I was driving from PG on Sunday, and if that doesn’t scare you try driving through Pine Pass.

O’briens road and bridge does a good job, infact they do more than they legally have to, unlike Billabong and nechacko road that just do the bare minimum.

Also in the kootenays where the roads are terrible compared to here, they were legally only commited to sand corners and hills over 7 percent grade.

Now where the problem lies, is mostly people that drive from terrace, where the roads are bad, they drive caucious, then they hit our highway which is bare and just about dry, and they stomp on the acelerator, like hey its just like summer here maybe we can just fly like in the summer and just maybey there won’t be any black ice.

Now usually between 5 and 7 am the highway freezes in some parts, just for that brief period and nobody can controll that, but they do try and sand right before then, it doesn’t help that everyone goes way to fast and blows the sand right off the road into the ditch, so unless you expect someone to drive around right in front of every single car sanding the shit outta there paint then be realistic and drive like its winter time.