Japanese Windows

To “localize” the Windows Experience, all error messages are rendered as haiku:

Heh-heh, good one!

Smoke, flames, the gnashing of teeth
Bang head on keyboard :smiley:

There’s a story on Slashdot about Token Ring networks, so someone posted a link to this comic:


I took out the net to catch the Ether Bunny tomorrow…

The funny thing is, as a regular user of the Japanese versions of MS Office, I can tell you that there are a few, shall we say, cultural oddities built into it. For example, Japanese people traditionally include seasonal greetings into their letters or memos, so MS Word has a special funciton built into it that does them automatically. It adds things like thus:

“Spring has come, and the bush warblers are sounding their shrill cries from the tops of the blooming cherry trees, as a signal that life has begun anew. As such, we would like to remind you that it is once again time for you to make your fucking loan payments or we’ll be forced to end you your life by breaking your neck like we broke the neck of that goddamn bush warbler!”