Japan is cooking up human meat

The country that introduced raw fish, ramen noodles and pocky to the world has a new taste sensation.

Cannibalism is the newest trend to sweep across Japan.

But they aren’t killing anyone to get the meat. They are getting it from hospitals.

Chef Hitoshi Ueda of the restaurant named Long Pig said, “We use human fat from liposuction clinics to make simple dishes, like fried rice. Then I might add a few small pieces of meat, like the kind that might come from a nose job or a finger amputation. That is served with vegetables. That costs about 100,000 yen.â€

I just chewed off a hang-nail. Does that count?

  Was it your own?      :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll never tell!

However I did fact check this story and found out it was true!

Pictures and everything … check it out …

weirdasianews.com/2006/11/08 … nnibalism/

I remember some soya sauce company got in trouble because they were using human hair in the soya sauce.  I dont know why but apparently it was cheaper to use human hair then some other protien bass substance

And you still drink soya sauce… (I assuming)

I call bullshit.  Think about why people have amputations in the first place.  Probably not the healthiest meat.

Gang green and eggs anyone?

Maybe I should have used  :wink: in my last post. lol

shades of ‘soylent green’ japanman…