Jacko's trial re-enacted for our benefit

Now this beats any stupid reality show in terms of absurdity.


No kidding, eh? Dude gone crazy. Seeing anything that resembles MJ, let alone himself, on TV makes me gag. He looks like something a cow chewed on for hours, and spit out. Eminem’s video “Lose it” was hilarious though.

Man this whole MJ shit is busting my chill… Honestly… Think about if any of us were in the spotlight from being a child with a very abusive father… I think that would mess up any child being that you have to pretty much be an adult in a childs mind set… he never got to be the child most of us are fortunate for… I belive what he did with the whole White thing (that being him becoming white) was crazy… but he’s SUPER rich… and i belive honestly that this is just another scam.

Good points :exclamation: I think Michael is settin himself up for this shit. With the whole “Cmon get in bed and ill read you a story” who the hell does that?

A father figure?

They say that the child had no real father and Michael Jackson was the closest
thing that came to one. I watched one episode and that was enough, the family will probably end up being known as nothing more then bloody gold diggers.

Don’t get me wrong, I too belive Micheal Jackson is cookoo! Wacko Jacko! But still we dont know whats actually going on, Im usually one to go with the news and be like “Yeah! its on TV its true!” it could be just a big rating scam since micheal hasn’t been around in awhile… Who knows… I dont nor do you…

Nor do I care.

No matter how this turns out the kids involved are the true victims here and lets not forget that. If you believe that MJ is guilty then these kids have been abused. If you want to get even a glimpse of how horrible this is, come by the courthouse and listen to a victim of sexual abuse tell thier story. I guarantee it will change you forever. If you believe that the family is making this up for some sort of money gain then these kids have been abused by thier own parents. No kid as young as the complanent was makes this stuff up with that kind of detail just for shits and giggles. For the whole family to be in on it means there was a conspiracy of sorts which means a lot of pressure and coaching from the parents.

Either way you shake it these kids are victims. People tend to forget that when they watch the news flicker by on TV.


Whether it be on TV or not, I think he is as guilty as sin. It might also be the fact his face scares the bejesus out of me…but anyhow, I watched this special they had on him some time ago, I think this was even before his court times. The way he talked and behaved was all together creepy. I mean, no person who gets his hands on the money and luxury like he has can be normal. Anyway, my whole point was, during this interview I watched of him, he’s down right whacked. I mean, just the way he treats his own children even scares me.

Very true I agree… He’s a creepy looking fucker, But personally if at a young age I was friends with micheal jackson and he did nothing to me but when i was older i had a chance to get some money being a middle class person, why the hell not… The world is full of scamers and whatnot. Don’t belive them just cause there kids they can be brainwashed from there parents its not that hard. Geeze kids belive alomost everything. Kids are guliable its a fact.

Everyones intilted to there own opinions and Mine is that he is not guilty its parents that are low incomed wanting to better themselfs by messing up somones life… Even thou his life is pretty fucked.

Also CrazyMike… You state that come down to the court house nd listen to it… I know dude. its a horrible fact but like i said hes a CELEB! its a big differance… I belive anyways… I have my opinion on this and Others may or may not agree with what i say.

None the less hes a weird guy, but that dont mean nothing… its been said LOTS “Don’t Judge a book by its cover” Take playboy for instance Could be a wicked Cover but SHITTY pictures and articles. lol

I guess a shitty thing to compaire it too but what the hell eh?

anyways enough with tim sticking up for Micheal J haha

Im stating my opinion.

I also had seen the Video shit on him… and i belive that what he says is kinda odd and very strange but you know I do belive the spotlight fucked him up big time he was a lil boy in the spotlight and never grew up mentaly.

Im not a doctor or somthing but im sure some people agree with the points i make Valid or not.

Any person that holds their baby like a sack of potatoes over a railing and almost drops them is a headcase, plain and simple.

Bottom line, he is fucked. I doun’t have a doubt in my mind his a kiddie-toucher and no amount of bad upbringing or whatever makes that a little right.

KAO, im not saying hes not messed up… but i don’t belive some of what they say he’s done… we will all wait till the verdict

I think everyone agrees this ‘once black man now white woman’ is seriously messed up. And whether quilty of anything in this specific incident or not what he is doing is just not right plain and simple, and the sad fact is that at the end of this process the ‘truth’ will still only be known by the child and jacko himself.

Enough said.

That image will create many nightmares… :open_mouth:

Hey if i was black Id wanna be white too, exspecially in the US where everyones in shit if there black lol… You see cops, its always african americans getting thrown to the groud… White guy… with black assets lol…