iTunes downloads


I’m new to downloading movies etc–I paid for a movie from iTunes and am trying to download it–is this supposed to take forever??
I’m on DSL and disconnected the wireless so that the connection won’t drop while downloading
any suggestions? I’m going on day 2 and still keep getting errors…

Yeah it’s CityWest internet speeds are sooooooo slow. If you upgrade to 5mbs it’ll be better, download the movie at night before you go to bed and should be done when you wake up. Be nice if CityWest ups their speeds to more modern time speeds as 5mbs as the fastest speeds is an absolute joke for a main internet supplier to offer it customers. I wish Shaw would come here or Telus, at least they’d offer people here up to the times speed over CityWest being lazy and crapping on their customers which will only cost them when competition does come to town, Rogers wireless as an example.