It's not how you introduce yourself, but how you're fed your lines

So, the days of upper management telling the General Manager what to do are over in Toronto are they?

Watch Mr. Peddie as he “listens” to Cliff Fletcher’s opening remarks 

What’s going on there, is he just reading over his shoulder?  Is Fletcher reading one of those transparent teleprompters?  Or was this just rehearsed over and over again and Peddie is just subconsciously mouthing the words?


Reminds me of one of those insurance commercials, where a couple of grandparents are sitting with their granddaughter and they’re saying stuff like “I didn’t need a physical, and no salesperson came to visit.”  Meanwhile the granddaughter is mouthing the same words.

It could be that while the speech itself needed to seem to be in his own words, that they had worked out some key phrases or talking points ahead of time.

reminds me of Ventriloquist puppet, eyes moving back and forth …funny stuff

At least we know that these two heads are in sinc  :smiley:
Cliff…please repeat after me…blah! blah! blah!