It's looking like a Helly Hansen kind of day or two!

Well this will give the cruise ship visitors something to tell the folks at home. Environment Canada has issued a rainfall advisory warning for the North Coast, that calls for between 100 and 140 millimetres of rain to arrive on the North Coast from Wednesday morning to Thursday afternoon.

The unusually strong spring storm will roll in from the Gulf of Alaska bringing with it a sub tropical wave of precipitation and strong southeasterly winds of 80 kilometres per hour to make the fun that much more enjoyable…

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 9522543602 )-

hahahaha i don’t miss that shit, here in vic the weather will be 26 tommorrow

Victoria? Last missive we had from you had you back in the land of endless Oil… they chase you out of Alberta? :smiley:

one would think i was chased out but not quite, it worked out like this.  There is a massive boom going on in victoria right now and the wages here are on par with those in Calgary, and  I don’t know if you have been in Albera during the winter but it is one cold bastard of a place, so i figured why not make the same cash, and get back to the pacific ocean.  i’ll probably end up in the oil fields of the north during certain monthes of the year, but i’ve foud good work here, good rent, and it’s a pretty sweet place to live. 

Well good that you found something you like and a place to call home, also puts to rest those nasty rumours of returnable warrants and such :imp:

no inter-provincial ones anyway