Its going to be one cold winter this year

i want to apologize to who runs this site in advance i tried and tried to get rid of my old post and change the phone numbers but could not hopfully they can help my out
i live in prince rupert bc and have been supplying people with firewood for some time well 3 years now at a cheap rate which i dont mind it sad that other sell theres for 150 to 250 a cord we are not in a rich town and i do this work because it keeps my busy in the winter and i enjoy helping people out in the nature in me.
i dont get my wood from the water although last year some of it did come from the beach but was not agood idea against my better judgment.
my wood come from this land we call home and i hope i can help more people out there with there firewood and if you are interested i would be more then happy to give you a great deal on wood as i supply my family with there wood . i can sell you half a truck load or a full truck

half a truck is $50 and a full truck load it $100 for returning clients its 80dollars i do get alder spruce red and some pine it depends on snow to so earlier the better
i do look forward to helping you out you can contact me on here or through phone or email

sean-250 622 7351

thanks for you time and have a great x mas

hey you have no reply on your page

My mom said you gave her good wood last night, thanks sean316

lol hows things going for you

lol hows things going for you

I want 5 loads of yelow ceder or red and 5 of birch from terace!


lmao wow funny guy

wolf creek ceder?

Lucky for you Sean316, not even I know what ceder is…

Cedar on the other hand…

wolf creek ceder in por ed turn off just before the mill. Has lost of wood thats were sean gets most of his wood last year! and now!!!

It’s C E D A R. not ceder…

I would buy your wood,but im holding out because I want to pay in an Amero currency that is apparently on the horizon,(cuz our spelling expert said 3 years ago how obvious to any fool that it would happen)I think this Amero windfall is how we will pay for the mill and bridge that are coming soon!

go down to the industrial site the old log sort has a huge pile of mostly mountain hemlock logs! i got 25 loads thats addded up to 10 cords about 4000 chuncks of wood.

Going to get another 30 or loads or so as the log sort moved to terrace, got to take advantage of it!

The logs rounds are big but its a great work out if your in shape.

i see wow someone been keeping busy out there with wood but im doing fine really i dont get my wood at a l mill site
its not really worth it for me i end up getting a permit and a little mit of land that a companty wants to use so they ask me to remove some trees for them as it will be alot cheaper for them in the long run its only about 3 acres hey
hey scorreeesss lol im just that good

Gas must kill you going out of town !

Party at Sean’s tonight