It's all a big Set Up

Bush, Bin Laden, Saddam & Tony Blair. Give them a few more months, even early next year they are going to pull of "The Real Shock :open_mouth: and Awe :smiling_imp: "

They did not find Saddam right away due to the fact that they hid him away. (To make them look good) And the United States eliminated his evil sons due to the fact that they were a real threat to USA, Iraq and Britian.

Did anyone catch that episode of the Fifth Estate last year, they also did a repeat last month. About the Bin Laden’s and Bush family. How close they are.

Very soon we are going to see, Bin Laden on TV, then all of a sudden, enter the picture on tv is…Saddam, then Bush and Blair come out and they all hold there hands in the air for world victory. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Hmm… I think that they have a word for people like you… oh yeah, stupid.


You funny bitch boy. Now go out and play.

Oh, did I hurt your feelings? : (

Holy fuck, wicked burn!

Oh no, no. His best one is, “I think it’s time for a haircut.”

i just pooped my panties man

Dude, you gotta chill.

Dylan the wise Crack…

I’d rather see a wise crack than a dumb ass.

hahahahah i agree.

You should so add some rolling eyes to that post.

Shit Break-

A witty saying proves nothing - voltar


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