It's 1994 all over again!

Blink blink.  blink blink.  blink blink.  blink blink.  blink blink.

Dude, the play Mr. Bean every night on the ceebeecee nowadays. I can’t believe how awesomely funny this stuff is.

Ok the blinking is just as bad as those myspace or bebo pages that have everything going on at once on them.


What was I supposed to see?

Blink blink.  blink blink.  blink blink.  blink blink.  blink blink.

There was no blinking.  I feel so left out now.

In my Infotech 12 class, we had to develop basic websites and my friend had never done such a thing before, but knew the basics.  Anyway, the teacher said we could do whatever we wanted as long as it included blah blah blah and would have valid HTML and CSS.  So, my friend made everything on his page blink, scroll, and ugly as hell.  I think he did well, as the teacher said nothing about making the site look good.

Dude, I thought that modern browsers ignored blink tags?!?

twitch, twitch twitch, twitch twitch, twitch twitch, twitch

yah i dont see no blinker thinger either all i saw was this cemetery thinger

The names, writing are blinking on and off in the cemetary thinger…somewhat annoying :imp:  Heh-heh

I know we’re poor… but damn, can’t the city afford a decent website?


Naw. Your city can only afford to have certain text showing three quarters of the time.

In IE the text doesn’t blink, but in Firefox it does.  Notice also how the colours of the background and text are different depending on which browser you use.  :unamused:

Who the fuck made this thing?

oh now i see ha…

    FONT-WEIGHT: 100;
    FONT-SIZE: 13px;
    COLOR: #ffffff;
    FONT-FAMILY: Arial, Verdana;

I guess IE doesn’t support blink in CSS (surprise surprise!), only the blink tag :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t curse too much. Dreamweaver built Flash intros have replaced blink and marquee as the most annoying shit on the web. With ten million little graphic blocks that that take 2 minutes on broadband to build the same page you can make with notepad and 2 lines of html…