Hey Astro when you first got your Itouch did you have any probs with it ?? Like I can connect to the internet but when I download music or pics thats it  It won t let me connect to the net  Do you know why ???

um ya do u have a wireless network?, and is it set up for wep?

Oh yea I have 2  Itouches  one is just fine  Thats the girlfriends  its mine Im having all the probs with lol.Plus we even get 2 different ip addresses

Each itouch should have its own ip address.  Have you updated the firmware ?

No thats and idea  thanks

No Problem.

i’m not sure 100% it will fix the issue, but it might.

Well it says that I have all the updates  Im thinking I played to much with it  because at first I did have music and the net on it. It was just when I added photos my problem started.Oh well it will keep me busy for a while

Sorry i was not able to help, YOU could try restoring it and see if that works.

Hey thanks anyway I think I will wait to tomorrow and start fresh lol